Winners – Personal Award

The IENE Personal Award appreciates outstanding engagement and special achievements made by individuals.

The previous awardees are presented below.

2018 – Marleen Moelants

The Personal Award 2016 was given to Marleen Moelants.

2017 – no awardee

There were no IENE Personal Award in 2017.

2016 – Lars Nilsson

The Personal Award 2016 was given to Lars Nilsson from Sweden:

“For his personal commitment and extraordinary achievements concerning the mitigation of negative effects of transport infrastructure on nature and biodiversity. Apart from his important work concerning road ecology in Sweden he played a major and crucial role in the restart of IENE in 2009, as well as in the following years.”

Lars Nilsson 2014 Australia N 181

2015 – Jean Carsignol

The Personal Award 2015 was given to Jean Carsignol from France:

For his outstanding achievements and personal engagement concerning the mitigation of negative impacts of infrastructure on nature. During the past decades, he has accomplished extraordinary work concerning road ecology in France. Thanks to his dedication and engagement the subject has evolved significantly and he has inspired and supported many researchers and practitioners – not only in France.

Jean Carsignol contributed substantially to the foundation of IENE in 1995. He is a founding member of the French Interprofessional Association of Ecologist Engineers and has participated in many national and international events and projects since. He was involved in the foundation of the ITTECOP Research Program in 2008, which is dedicated to research on infrastructure and its impact on ecosystems and landscapes.

Since about four decades, Jean Carsignol is the main coordinator for technical guides about defragmentation along infrastructures in France. As precursor he contributed to a strong evolution of the French policy on the subject of wildlife and traffic.

In his work, Jean Carsignol uses science and engineering practices successfully to reduce the negative impact of infrastructure on the environment. Joining practice with theory, he leads actions to build new infrastructures more integrated in their environment, or improves the environmental integration of existing infrastructures.

He strongly encourages cooperation with a warm and generous way, sharing his knowledge and experience with engineers and ecologist, not only from France but also from neighbouring countries.


Jean Carsignol, awardee of IENE Personal Award 2015. 

2015 – Miklós Puky

The Steering Committee decided to give a special award to Miklós Puky, who was a member of the IENE SC, a valued colleague and a dear friend. He unexpectedly passed away in March 2015.

For his long and enthusiastic dedication to IENE and its topics. With well‐documented knowledge in ecology in general and amphibians in particular, he made an impressive work to engage people, students and children in nature conservation. He was a highly influential ecologist who tirelessly continued to contribute to the development of road ecology and will be missed by friends and colleagues all over the world. 


Miklós Puky, awardee of a Special Personal Award 2015. 

2014 – Wendy Collinson

The IENE Personal Award 2014 was given to Wendy Collinson from South Africa:

For her long-term commitment to road ecology and wildlife-traffic conflicts in South Africa, her achievements in communication, awareness raising and mitigation of the impact of traffic and roads on African wildlife.



Wendy Collinson, awardee of IENE Personal Award 2014. 

2013 – Marguerite Trocmé

The IENE Personal Award 2013 was given to Marguerite Trocmé from Switzerland:

For her long-term commitment to reduce the environmental impact of transportation infrastructure, for supporting colleagues, new ideas and projects and contributing fundamentally to establish the state of the art in Switzerland.

Marguerite Trocmé was very actively involved in the COST 341 project, as she coordinated the European State of the Art Reports. Due to her dedication, a coordinated Defragmentation Program for Switzerland was developed and many mitigation measures like wildlife passages were implemented. She contributed substantially to the publication of many guidelines and technical publications.

Marguerite Trocmé - Personal Award 2013

Marguerite Trocmé, awardee of IENE Personal Award 2013.

2012 – Djuro Huber

The IENE Personal Award 2012 was given to Djuro Huber from Croatia:

For his long-term commitment to overcome the adverse impact of traffic and roads, especially on large carnivores, for teaching students, sharing knowledge and supporting new ideas and projects in Croatia and Europe.

Djuro Huber is professor in biology at the Veterinary Faculty in Zagreb and has been teaching students since 1975. His main subject is large carnivore research and management. Due to his lifelong dedication, many projects and mitigation measures have been realized in Croatia and Southeastern Europe. Currently Djuro Huber has been involved in the construction of eleven green bridges along new highways in Croatia.

Djuro in Krakow

Djuro Huber, awardee of IENE Personal Award 2012.

2011 – Carme Rosell

The IENE Personal Award 2011 was given to Carme Rosell from Spain:

For her long-term commitment to improve the ecological impact of transportation infrastructure and traffic, for her support of colleagues and inspiring work in Europe and elsewhere in the name of the Infra Eco Network Europe.

Carme Rosell works at Minuartia in Catalonia. She has promoted the organisation of an influential Spanish working group that has galvanized opinion and brought influence to bear on the development of national policy. The working group was constituted in 1999 and is coordinated by the Spanish Ministry of Environment and also undertakes technical prescriptions and publishes an excellent regular newsletter.

Carme Rosell has been active in the IENE network since it was founded in 1996 and was one of the authors of the COST 341 Handbook. She is not only a sharp minded scientist, an excellent organizer and a dedicated IENE personality, but also a kind and helpful colleague, who gives valuable support to others in an unobtrusive way.


Carme Rosell, awardee of IENE Personal Award 2011.

2010 – Hans Bekker

The IENE Personal Award 2010 was given to Hans Bekker from the Netherlands:

For the protection of nature and biodiversity and the long-time commitment to improve the environmental impact of transportation infrastructure, supporting colleagues, new ideas and projects in Europe”.

Hans Bekker works within the Traffic and Navigation Centre (DVS), an internal advisory unit of the Directorate General for Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat) of the Ministry of transport and Water Management, where he leads the Long Term defragmentation Program. Hans Bekker is a nature engineer, specialized in bridging gaps between civil engineers and ecologists, between policy and work floor, between planners and nature protectors.

Hans Bekker was the initiator of IENE in 1995 and he has ever since been one of the driving forces behind the network. He has chaired the IENE steering committee and the COST-341 action on Habitat Fragmentation due to Transport Infrastructure. He is also a member of the ICOET steering committee (the US Federal Highway Administration’s counterpart to IENE) and is part of the research team on Transport and Ecology of the American Transport Research Board. He has helped with defragmentation plans in different countries such as Portugal, Israel and Russia, and has a leading role in the Dutch mitigation program Meerjarenprogramma Ontsnippering.


Hans Bekker, awardee of IENE Personal Award 2010.

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