Handbook Wildlife Traffic

Published the 06/07/2021 #Handbook

The IENE Online Handbook for Identifying Conflicts and Designing Solutions is now available online.

Wildlife and Traffic is a solution-orientated handbook focused on measures to mitigate habitat fragmentation due to transportation infrastructures (roads, railways and waterways). It is based on the first European handbook on the topic that was published in 2003 as the main output of the Cost 341 Project promoted by the Infra Eco Network Europe (IENE).

Now, IENE with the support of the Swedish Transport Administration, has taken the initiative to start a cooperative process to update the handbook online.

You can participate in the project by providing new information, data, images, publications or, if you will, even funding. If you are an expert on one of the topics and want to contribute as coauthor, you are most welcome to apply for participation through the Online handbook.

New chapter has been included as well as an Updated Glossary and a Transport Ecology Guidelines portal
Updated Chapter 7 on Solutions is coming soon. See below.