“Biodiversity & Infrastructure: a Handbook for action”

Published the 06/07/2021 #Handbook

In a significant step towards achieving resilient transport infrastructure, improving traffic safety, and promoting nature restoration, IENE is excited to introduce its online Biodiversity and Infrastructure: a Handbook for Action” created in the framework of the Horizon 2020 BISON project. This guide is based on the pioneer ‘Wildlife and Traffic’ handbook and builds on decades of research and practice. It compiles knowledge and solutions to integrate biodiversity into the planning, design, and operation of transport infrastructure.

Biodiversity & Infrastructure: an Handbook for action” provides:

Experience and expertise: It offers over 20 years of experience in issues related to transport infrastructure and biodiversity, thus providing the latest solutions and best practices to address the challenges of biodiversity protection and adaptation to climate change.

Guidelines for practitioners: It provides clear guidelines covering all phases, from design to operation and upgrading of infrastructure, making it a practical resource for professionals working in this field.

Organized content: It is divided into 7 chapters covering policy and planning, mitigation hierarchy, landscape integration, solutions, assessment and monitoring, as well as maintenance.

Interdisciplinary collaboration: It is the result of collaborative work (50 authors and 30 reviewers) between the ecology and infrastructure sectors, ensuring a holistic and balanced approach.

Common vocabulary: It promotes mutual understanding between ecologists and infrastructure professionals by using common language, facilitating communication and cooperation.

Continuous update: It is designed as a flexible tool that can be continuously updated and refers to European and global guidelines, ensuring its long-term relevance