Structure and leadership

IENE is governed by its General Assembly. The Governance Board is elected by the General Assembly and operates the network on a daily basis. The Scientific and Expert Committee oversees the network’s activities related to technical issues. An Executive Secretariat hosted by the French Foundation for Research on Biodiversity in Paris supports the work of the Governance Board and Scientific and Expert Committee and the implementation of IENE activities.

General Assembly

The General Assembly of members is the highest authority of IENE. It elects the members of the Governance Board and approves the IENE’s strategy and policies. It approves the IENE annual activity and financial reports and the IENE annual budget, and fixes the bi-annual membership contribution on the proposal of the Governance Board.

Governance Board

The Governance Board is the decision-making body of IENE in the period between the General Assembly meetings.
It leads the network, develops the overall strategy for IENE activities and projects and is responsible for fundraising for IENE core activities. Members of the Governance Board include members from the founding partners as well as members elected by the General Assembly for two-year terms.

Elke HahnWork at the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Department of Roads – Planning and Environment

Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology

Chair of IENE
Field of expertise: Environmental Impact Assessment, mitigation, wildlife and roads

Johan RydlovEcologist, specialist constructing sustainable infrastructure at the Swedish Transport Administration

Swedish Transport Administration

Vice chair of IENE
Field of expertise: Botany, Bryology, and infrastructure habitats

Adam HoflandNational Coordinator of National Defragmentation Program at Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

Field of expertise: wildlife crossings, mitigation measures, animal vehicle collisions, maintenance, landscape planning, landscape architecture, communication.

Anders SjolundSenior expert in the National Biodiversity Coordination at the Swedish Transport Adminsitration.

Field of expertise: Ecology, nature conservation, environmental mitigation at infrastructure planning, building and maintenance
Chair of Infrastructure and Ecology Network Europe (IENE) from 2009 to 2022.

Toine MorelSenior consultant at the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

Field of expertise: Biodiversity, vegetation, management, grassland management, population ecology, birds, the influence of nitrogen and fertilizers upon vegetation structure and composition, effects of noise, habitat loss and fragmentation, fauna facilities in relation to infrastructure

Yannick Autret Transport and environment research expert at the French Ministry for the Ecological and Solidarity Transition, Secretary of ITTECOP Research Programme (Infrastructures, Ecosystems and Landscape)

French Ministry for the Ecological and Solidarity Transition

Field of expertise: environmental impacts of transport (vehicles and infrastructure) – noise, pollution, landscape and biodiversity

Carme RosellPhD and senior consultant at Minuartia wildlife consultancy


Responsible of the Wildlife & Traffic Handbook Working group

Field of expertise: wildlife and transport, animal vehicle collisions, wildlife crossings

Lazaros GeorgiadisBiologist and Environmental consultant

Field of expertise: large carnivores, mitigation measures, environmental policy, nature conservation, education

Marita BöttcherScientific counselor at the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, Department: Mitigation Impact Regulation, transport and planning

Federal Agency for Nature Conservation

Field of expertise: fragmentation (also indicators), planning (SEA; EIA; MIR), other impacts: artificial lightning, noise, small species

Tony SangwineRetire from Highways England, ex Senior Principal Environmental Adviser

Highways England

Field of expertise: horticulture, environmental assessment and design for transport

Jean-François LesigneEnvironmental attaché at RTE, in charge of the Environmental Management System and management advisor, coordinator of the Linear Infrastructure and Biodiversity Club (CILB)


Scientific and Expert Committee

The Scientific and Expert Committee  gathers about twenty individuals recognized for their scientific or technical expertise on a wide range of topics related to the IENE activity.
It is appointed by the IENE Governance Board upon suggestions from the General Assembly. It aims to be gender, geographically and disciplinary balanced.
The Scientific and Expert Committee aims at securing a high standard of scientific and practical expertise in questions concerning ecology and transportation infrastructure within IENE.

Andreas SeilerPhD, senior researcher, ecologist at SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)

SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)

Long experience with wildlife and traffic related research.

Areas of expertise: roads; railways; airports; ecology; energy; economy

Edgar Van Der GriftSenior research scientist at Wageningen University and Research Centre in The Netherlands.

Wageningen University

Field of expertise: road ecology, animal ecology, landscape ecology.

Areas of interest: roads; railways; watercourse; energy; ecology.

Marguerite TrocméHead of the Environment Department at the Federal Roads Office (Astra)


FEDRO Federal road office Switzerland,
Head of environmental technology

Biologist and environmental engineer has been working since 1987 on transport infrastructure and biodiversity issues,

Areas of interests: roads, railways, energy with an emphasis on fauna passages and green area management

Rodney Van Der ReenConsultant researcher at University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne

Specialist in quantifying and mitigating the negative ecological impacts of development

Field of expertise: Transport ecology, research.

Yun WangResearcher professor at China Academy of Transportation Sciences Research

China Academy of Transportation Sciences

Field of expertise: road ecology, road engineering, landscape and ecological interactions of roads and wildlife, landscape fragmentation and transport ecology

Areas of interest: roads; railways; social sciences and humanities; ecology; learn from Europe, promote road ecology advancing in Asia

Rory CanavanBiodiversity & Natural Capital Leader at Arup


Field of expertise: Road Ecology, Landscape Ecology, Biological Conservation, Natural Capital

Areas of interest: Roads; Railways; Airports; Energy; Ecology; Natural Capital

Wendy CollinsonProgramme Manager: Endangered Wildlife Trust – Wildlife and Transport Programme at Endangered Wildlife Trust

Endangered Wildlife Trust

Field of expertise: Roads, Rail, Wildlife-Mortality, Connectivity, Camera Traps, Road/rail kill mitigation

Areas of expertise: Roads; Railways; Airports; Energy; Ecology

Ivo DostalResearcher (Non-Academic) – Transport Research Centre, CDV

Transport Research Centre, CDV

Field of expertise: Transport Geography, Landscape Ecology, TI’s impacts on Nature

Areas of expertise: Roads; Railways; Airports; Landscape Ecology.

Clara GriloResearcher

Center for environmental and marine studies

Field of expertise: impacts of roads on wildlife

Areas of interest: Roads.

Eric GuinardProject manager ecologist


Field of expertise: Ecology in interaction with infrastructure management.

Areas of Interest: Roads; Railways; Watercourse; Airports; Energy; Ecology.

Darryl JonesProfessor Emeritus at Griffith University, Director Maarifa Foundation

Griffith University

Field of expertise: Wildlife management, behavioural ecology, urban ecology, road ecology

Areas of Interest: Roads; Ecology; Human-nature Interactions

Manisha BhardwajPostdoctoral Fellow at the University of Freiburg, Germany

University of Freifurg

Field of expertise: Road ecology, railway ecology, animal behaviour, sensory pollution

Areas of interest: Roads; Railways; Ecology.

Manuela PanzacchiResearcher at NINA


Field of expertise: green infrastructures, corridors, wildlife

Areas of interest: roads; energy; ecology; railways; I have been member of IENE before.

Caryl Buton Expert consultant

Cabinet X-AEQUO

Field of expertise: fragmentation of natural habitats by infrastructures, AVC – animal-vehicle collision mitigation (highways and railroads), emerging “fence ecology”, right-of-way management, practical technical management issues

Areas of interest: Roads; Railways; Ecology; fence ecology;

Denis FrançoisResearch Director

Gustave Eiffel University

Field of expertise: Environmental engineering. Biodiversity. Terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Land planning. Transport infrastructures. Civil engineering.

Areas of interest: Roads; Railways; Watercourse; Ecology; Energy; Social sciences and humanities.

Antonio MiraResearcher at the Research Center in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources – Pole of Évora

University of Évora

Organiser of the IENE 2020 International Conference “LIFE LINES”

Field of expertise: Impact of linear infrastructures in the mediterranean region (Alentejo)

Areas of interest: Roads; Railways; Watercourse; Energy; Ecology.

Federico Morelli Associate Professor in Czech University of Life Sciences

Czech University of Life Sciences

Field of expertise: Urban ecology, road ecology, agro-ecology, animal behavior, conservation biology, ecological indicators.

Areas of interest: Ecology, biogeography, biodiversity conservation, road networks effects on biodiversity.

Cristian-Remus Papp Wildlife and Landscape National Manager WWF Romania

WWF Romania

Field of expertise: Ecology, wildlife conservation, nature conservation, landscape planning, protected area management, project and programme development and implementation

Areas of expertise: Roads; Railways; Social sciences and humanities; Ecology; Transdisciplinarity, stakeholder engagement, policies/strategies

Paola Reason Director at RSK Biocensus

rsk biocensus

Field of expertise: Bat specialist

Areas of expertise: Roads; Railways; Ecology; Energy; Watercourse.

Sara Maria Santos Post-Doc Researcher in University of Evora

University of Évora

Field of expertise: ecology of mammals, mostly small mammals

Areas of expertise: Roads;Ecology; Contribute to knowledge dissemination and information sharing.

Executive Secretariat

The Executive Secretariat sits at the French Foundation for Research on Biodiversity in Paris, France.
The Executive Secretariat supports the Governance Board and Scientific and Expert Committee in their missions, contributes to the implementation of the IENE strategy and activities and manages the administration of IENE.
It works also as a facilitator for IENE events, including support to IENE international conferences, workshops and training sessions.


IENE Executive Secretariat
Fondation pour la recherche sur la biodiversité
195 Rue Saint-Jacques, 75005 Paris, FRANCE
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Charlotte NavarroIENE Executive Secretariat Officer

Julie de BouvilleIENE Communications Officer