IENE 2022 Awards : Submissions are now open!

Published the 10/11/2021 #Awards #iene2022

The IENE Award appreciates outstanding efforts made to reduce the detrimental environmental impacts of infrastructure, being increasingly acknowledged as a threat to biodiversity, in particular through their cumulative effects on species and ecosystems. Since transportation and other linear infrastructure-related habitats provide opportunities to reinforce green infrastructure, the IENE Award also appreciates outstanding efforts made in the design, construction and management to define the potential role of infrastructure as biodiversity refuges or corridors. Such extraordinary efforts may include, for example, impact assessments, mitigation plans or technical measures at local, regional or national scale; research achievements, information, education or promotion activities. 

  1. the IENE Personal Award, which appreciates outstanding engagement and special achievements made by individuals  
  2. the IENE Project Award, which appreciates extraordinary work accomplished by initiatives, activities or plans. 

All IENE Members are welcome to make nominations for both IENE awards, regardless of their personal involvement in a particular project/initiative. Proposals from former years that have not  been awarded are welcome to be resubmitted. Nominations for the Personal Award and the Project  

IENE awards are given in two categories: 

Award shall be described separately. 

The motivation for the IENE Personal Award must provide answers to: 

  • Who demonstrated outstanding personal engagement, when, whereby and how?  
  • Why should this particular person be recognised by an IENE award? 

The motivation for the IENE Project Award must provide answers to: 

  • What is the problem/impact of concern that lead to the mitigation project?  
  • What solutions (technical and/or methodological) have been employed?  
  • What is special/new/innovative with these solutions?  
  • How is the efficacy of the solutions evaluated and their success verified?  
  • How the project is documented and are reports published?  
  • Why should just this particular project or initiative be recognised by an IENE award?  

Nominations will be evaluated by the IENE Governance Board. Winning nominations will be presented and awarded during IENE International Conferences, IENE Workshops or IENE General  Assemblies. At present, the IENE Award comprises a public recognition only and does not include any grants or scholarships.  

Don’t hesitate to submit your nominations to until February 28, 2022.