IENE documents

On this page you can look at and download publications from IENE.

Memorandum of Understanding

The IENE statutes are called Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), describing goals, activities and organisation of the network.

  • MoU (current version approved 2012-10-24)

Information material about IENE

Leaflets about IENE, presentations etc can be found on Education material.

General Assemblies

The documentation from IENE General Assemblies (GA) consists primarily of minutes.


The proceedings from previous IENE conferences can be found on each conference website.

Workshops and Open Days

The documentation from IENE workshops and Open Days consists of minutes, summaries, presentations etc.

  • Documentation from previous workshops

Publications within the project COST 341 Action

The handbook “COST 341 Habitat Fragmentation due to Transportation Infrastructure”:



The European review of the project COST 341:



The final report of the project COST 341 Action:



The full collection of publications from COST 341 can be found here, for example the national reports and a glossary with terms used in the project.

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