Policy briefs for sustainable transport infrastructure

Published the 17/10/2023 #BISON

As the BISON project nears its completion, 4 significant policy briefs have been crafted to pave the way for sustainable transport infrastructure. IENE played an active part in this crucial project.


1- BIODIVERSITY AND INFRASTRUCTURE”: an online handbook for promoting cooperation and transformative change: 

Sustainable transport infrastructure is vital for progress, and the project advocates innovative solutions while replicating best practices for nature. “Biodiversity and Infrastructure: A Handbook for Action” empowers cooperation between the transport and ecology sectors. It offers clear guidance for the planning, design, and maintenance of biodiversity-friendly infrastructure in line with global policies.

2- Integrating Biodiversity into European Transport infrastructures now and tomorrow: A Strategic Research Agenda for Biodiversity-Friendly Infrastructure: 

The BISON project’s Strategic Research Agenda aims to integrate biodiversity into European transport infrastructure. It promotes multidisciplinary research to understand the interactions between transport infrastructure and biodiversity, offering measures to enhance European research efforts in alignment with global biodiversity goals.

3- Developing sustainable, climate-friendly European transport infrastructure for biodiversity using scenarios: 
BISON scenarios explore the relationship between biodiversity, ecosystem services, and transport infrastructure, helping anticipate future developments. One of these scenarios reveals the trade-offs involved and points the way toward sustainable transport infrastructure for biodiversity.

4-Enhancing Ecological Connectivity in Transport Infrastructure: Aligning National Policies, Strategies, and Implementation with EU’s Green Infrastructure Strategy: 

The project examines the alignment of national policies and strategies with the EU’s Green Infrastructure Strategy to ensure ecological connectivity. BISON findings suggest the need for greater integration of biodiversity and ecological connectivity in transport-related projects at national and regional levels.