The awards and nominations

The IENE Awards

Through the IENE Awards, IENE recognizes and appreciates outstanding efforts made to reduce the detrimental effect of transport infrastructure on nature and to enhance the positive influences caused by construction, use and maintenance of transport infrastructure. Such extraordinary efforts may include, for example, impact assessments, mitigation plans or technical measures at local, regional or national scale, research achievements, or information, education and promotion activities.

The IENE Awards has become an appreciated tradition within the IENE network. It comprises a public recognition and does not include any grants or scholarships. The winners are announced to the network and the public, both on the website etc and at the upcoming IENE conference, workshop or General Assembly.

The award is given in two categories:

  • The IENE Personal Award appreciates outstanding engagement and special achievements made by individuals.
  • The IENE Project Award appreciates extraordinary work accomplished by initiatives, activities or plans.


All IENE members are welcome to make nominations for both award categories, regardless of any personal involvement in a particular project or initiative. Proposals from former years that have not yet been awarded are welcome to be resubmitted.

The IENE Steering Committee will carefully evaluate all proposals. If you have any questions about the nominations, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the SC members.

Deadline for nominations to the 2016 awards is May 31, 2016. 

Nominations are given in these online forms:



The SC members Elke Hahn and Anders Sjölund during a price ceremony for the IENE Awards during the IENE 2014 conference. 

This page was last updated: January 27, 2016