Spanish guidelines for wildlife crossings and fencing

A revised and expanded version of the Spanish guidelines document ‘Technical requirements for the design of wildlife crossings and perimeter fencing‘ is now published and available online. The document is written in Spanish, but an English translation is being prepared.

The book can be downloaded as a PDF at the website of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment:

The first edition of the guidelines was first published in 2006, based on the COST 341 handbook, and it was then updated in 2015. The book contains detailed prescriptions about designing and implementing appropriate measures to reduce the roads and railroads barrier effects. It also provides information about wildlife crossings and other measures to reduce the effects of transport infrastructures on wildlife.

The document has been produced by the Ministry of Agriculture, Foods and Environment. The review is carried out in the light of the results of monitoring the effectiveness of corrective measures against habitat fragmentation in linear transport infrastructure in Spain and other European countries.