Transport4Nature: Biodiversity Indicators Work Stream

Published the 19/01/2022 #TRANSPORT4NATURE


IENE is establishing a working group to support the development of a standardised framework, in which potential tools, data and metrics are nested (and/or signposted), to measure the impact of infrastructure (for transportation of people, goods, energy…) on biodiversity. 

Among other, the working group will:

  • Produce a Guidance resource to support Transport4nature members on setting targets/metrics to adopt SMART and operational commitments.
  • Enable Transport4nature members to monitor the impact of their commitments for biodiversity, underpinned by clear goals, informed by the best science, technology, research and validated through robust monitoring and review mechanisms. The methodology will follow a collaborative approach, which ensures existing research and tools are combined and built upon, rather than replicated. 

We encourage any relevant and interested expert to participate in the Working Group activities! The participation to an IENE Working Group is done pro bono. It will work remotely, using, among other tools, the collaborative platform “Slack”. 

Indicative timeline: The experts will be regularly mobilized between February and September 2022. 

Expertise sought

  • Understanding of transport infrastructure sector impacts and dependencies on biodiversity and nature.
  • Familiarity with existing biodiversity frameworks, tools and metrics, e.g. extractives industry, etc.
  • Knowledge of organisational impact pathways on biodiversity; from corporate level, across operations including asset management and within value chains.

For any questions, please contact Rory Canavan ( and the IENE Secretariat (