IENE supported workshops

On some occasions the IENE SC receives a request of official support of a national or international scientific or technical workshop within the aim of IENE. An IENE supported event will be entitled to use the IENE logotype with the text “supported by” in the workshop documentations, and could also get a letter of support and help with dissemination of invitation or proceedings on the IENE website and to the IENE members.

Some of the supported events over the years:

Workshop in Romania 2017

The international workshop on the theme “Sustainable harmonization of Green with Grey infrastructure in South Eastern Europe” took place in Faget, Romania, on October 25-26 (27), 2017. The event was supported by IENE.

The workshop aimed to develop a multilateral cooperation platform for relevant actors from the field of transport infrastructure development and nature conservation. The platform will work towards an effective transfer of best practices and experience, and maximizing the benefits of exchanging and improving relevant knowledge related to sustainable development of both green and grey infrastructure in South Eastern Europe, under the framework of Sustainable Development Goals of EU.

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Road ecology conference in Italy 2017

The conference “Experiences of Road Ecology: Research, Planning and Design for Ecological Sustainability of Infrastructure” took place in Italy on June 17, 2017. It had around 60 participants with representatives from Italy, Portugal, Spain and Ireland.

The event was supported by IENE and it was organised by the Study Centre for the Ecological Networks of the Regional Nature Reserve Monte Genzana Alto Gizio, the Municipality of Pettorano sul Gizio (AQ) and by Legambiente Onus.

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