IENE workshop in Czech Republic in October 2013

Published the 20/09/2013 #CzechRepublic #Mammals #Workshop

The IENE 2013 scientific workshop (2013:b) will take place at Hotel Fontana in Luhacovice, Czech Republic the 16th to 18th of October. The theme of the meeting is Infrastructure and wildlife corridors – learning from experience.

The workshop will be focused on protection of wildlife corridors as means of preventing fragmentation of the environment. Special attention will be paid to the Carpathians – one of the largest non-fragmented area in Central Europe with still intact nature. At the same time, the Carpathians represent a region of expected intensive development of transportation infrastructure in the future, with all negative consequences for countryside and populations of large mammals. This workshop is meant to allow exchange of experience and to avoid mistakes that have occurred in countries of Western and Central Europe.

The workshop is hosted by Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic and Transport Research Centre, in cooperation with State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republic.

Read more and register at the workshop website.