Steering committee meeting – January 19, 2016

Published the 25/01/2016 #IENE

Meeting summary*:

The meeting focused on the preparations of the IENE 2016 conference, its program and the declaration. Some of the SC members are preparing a publication about IENE and its sphere of influence. The SC decided to make an annual report of IENE: a public summary of the achievements and activities in the network during the past year. May 31 was decided to be the deadline for nominations for the IENE Awards 2016 and the call for nominations will be prepared. The secretariat reported that IENE has got 4 new members since the last SC meeting (from Austria, Brazil, Netherlands and Switzerland).

*In order to make the work of the Steering committee (SC) more transparent to all members, the SC has decided to regularly publish short summaries of their meetings on the website. IENE members are always free to contact the SC with requests, proposals, questions or issues for discussion.