Special issue of Nature Conservation magazine “Connecting people connecting landscape”

Published the 03/05/2023 #iene2022;pensoft

Following the IENE 2022 international conference, which took place in Romania in September 2022 and aimed to encourage an integrated approach to biodiversity in the transport sector (including infrastructure and energy networks), Nature Conservation magazine is preparing a special issue on the topic of transport and ecology.

The issue will include research articles by experts in the field of transport ecology and ecological connectivity, based on presentations from the IENE 2022 international conference, covering topics such as

  • The state of play after more than 20 years of green transport
  • Strategic Needs, challenges, and opportunities for the future of biodiversity and transport harmonisation
  • What works and what does not work for harmonising transport and biodiversity.
  • Applied research and studies in the field of transport ecology.
  • Safeguarding connectivity at the landscape level
  • Transdisciplinary approaches to landscape connectivity – challenges and solutions for cooperation between relevant sectors.

Keywords: ecological connectivity, ecological impact assessment, ecological modeling, green infrastructure, landscape connectivity, linear transport infrastructure, marginal and linear habitats, mitigation measures, stakeholder engagement, wildlife collisions, wildlife monitoring.

Deadline for submission: June 30 2023.

Contact Cristian Remus Papp cpapp@wwf.ro

Estimated date of publication of the SI: 31 March 2024.