Join us for the 1st Global Congress for Linear Infrastructure and Environment

Published the 13/09/2021

IENE, ICOET, ACLIE, ANET and CIBIV are the regional conferences on transport and ecology. They are joining forces for the first time on 20-21 September to provide a platform that allows focus on broader, higher-level, global issues and policies that can influence national and international knowledge sharing and bring about positive change for nature. The Global Congress will facilitate truly global opportunities for conversation and debate about issues that create bridges between and push the boundaries outside of our respective continental conferences, aiming to improve our understanding of world issues and influence action at this scale.

Building upon the achievements of the continental conferences, the event also aims to develop tools (e.g., scientific briefs on particular topics) for influencing global decisions-makers to aim for more sustainable new and existing linear infrastructure. The event is organized back to back with ICOET (International Conference on Ecology and Transportation), held virtually from 22-23 and 28-30 September 2021. The conference will concentrate on ways that we can re-focus attention on transforming transportation to have less impact on nature.