ITTECOP call for project proposals on infrastructure and biodiversity

Since last month, the French Ministry in charge of the Environment and Transport, in association with 9 infrastructure operators (railways, waterways, roads, eletricity and gaz), the Environment agency and the Research Foundation for Biodiversity has launched a call for proposals focused on, but not restricted to, interactions between Infrastructure and biodiversity, with a special highlight for project that could be linked to the IENE 2016 final declaration.

This call is open for transnational projects with the support of IENE. At least one member of the team has to be French (as project leader or not) and one research area has to be located in France.

Proposals must address one or more of the following three aspects (described more detailed in this French version and on the program website):

  • Territory-based management of ecological functionalities and maintenance of infrastructure verges:
    • interactions between ecosystems and infrastructure: ecological transparency, invasive species management, interactions between verges and surrounding lanscapes, Green Infrastructure strategy, long term management and adaptation of infrastructure verges to climate change…
    • avoid, reduce and compensate sequence and infrastructure: methodology, acceptability and implementation
    • institutional changes: political issues, economic issues and long term evolution
  • Infrastructure, territories, landscapes and biodiversity: acceptability of new projects and conflicts
  • Social and environmental functions of infrastructure:  tools and perspectives
    • monitoring, data production use and analysis in relation to infrastructure management
    • hybridation of knowledge between researchers and practionners: how to increase it?


– January 26: launch of the call
– March 2: brokerage event (Paris)
– May 10 – 12:00 PM: closing of the call
– June 28: publication of results
– October 19/20: Kick off meeting (Paris – common with closing meeting for 2014 call)

More information about the call is available on