IENE in proceedings of GreenNet Conference

Published the 08/04/2014 #GreenInfrastructure #SpatialPlanning

The proceedings of the 2nd GreenNet Conference is now available. The conference took place in Vienna, the 19/20 of February 2013 and IENE was represented. The entire IENE SC contributed with the article IENE – Infra Eco Network Europe: A network for sustainable green infrastructure compatible with transport routes and corridors. Head writer is Elke Hahn (former Spindler).

In the paper IENE i presented with its commissions, work and results. We also give a background to the interaction between ecology and the road and railroad systems over time. The actual situation of this interaction is outlined. Focus is set on the needs for change, development and not least the possibilities for actions already available. We stress that IENE has an important role fostering a necessary environmental friendly development of the European transport infrastructure.

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