IENE membership fees and conference registration

Published the 06/03/2022

Registration for the conference and membership in  IENE association will be done simultaneously. Registration for the conference is not, however, conditional upon membership in the association. ​
The fees differ according to the profile. We highly recommend you to join IENE Association to benefit from discounts and advantages of being an IENE member. ​

IENE membership fees

MembershipAnnual rateNumber of members included
Individual members 50 euros a year1
Students/low income* 0-50 euros a year1
Organisation 100 euros a year1

*Students and low-income countries can join free of charge after showing proof to the IENE Secretariat (​

Advantages of being an IENE member

ConferencePriority access to the IENE conference
and workshops.
ConferenceBe internationally represented in Europe
and in other networks and conferences
ICOET, Infrastructure and Nature Coalition…
 ConferenceReceive a discount on the conference registration fee.YES
CommunicationVisibility on the IENE websiteYES
NewsletterReceive the latest news, network activities, collaboration opportunities and
events on the topic of infrastructure and
ecology via the regular IENE newsletter.
NetworkAccess directly to IENE members by a dedicated
collaborative communication platform
 NetworkSuggest of set-up a working group on a
dedicated topic.
GovernanceAny member can participate to IENE
governance and be directly involved.
Call for proposalStay informed about calls for proposals.YESYES
NetworkBe invited or invited to collaborate on calls or create consortia.YESYES

Sponsorships are possible (e.g., becoming a founding partner, single donations).​

For any questions, please contact the IENE Executive Secretariat at or find more information on