IENE membership fees and conference registration

Published the 06/03/2022

Registration for the conference and membership in  IENE association will be done simultaneously. Registration for the conference is not, however, conditional upon membership in the association. ​
The fees differ according to the profile. We highly recommend you to join IENE Association to benefit from discounts and advantages of being an IENE member. ​

IENE membership fees

  • Members who join individually will offer a fee of 50 euros per year. ​
  • Members who join on behalf of their organisation will offer a fee of 100 euros per year and will benefit from increased visibility on the IENE website and at international events. ​
  • An organisation can decide to register more than one representative and acquire more votes in the general assemblies. One representative equals one vote (“Bronze” status), three representatives equals three votes (“Silver “status), five representatives equals five votes (“Gold” status). ​
  • Students and low-income countries can join free of charge after showing proof* to the IENE Secretariat (​

Advantages of being an IENE member

  • Develop and enrich your network through our conferences and workshops.
  • Receive our newsletter on the latest network activities, collaboration opportunities, scientific publications and events on infrastructure and ecology
  • Involve IENE in your project or programme or in the preparation of a publication to increase its multidisciplinarity or its positioning at the science-policy-society interface.
  • Propose the creation of a working group on a specific topic.
  • Participate in the governance of the IENE and be directly involved:
    Any IENE member can propose his/her candidacy to the governance board.
  • Members also vote to elect a part of the IENE Governance Board.
    All members are represented at the General Assembly, which takes decisions on the life and activities of the association.
  • Organisations that join the IENE are represented at international level in Europe and in other networks and conferences such as ACLIE, ANET, CIVIB, GCLIE, ICOET, Infrastructure and Nature Coalition…

Fees are one of several ways for IENE to generate a stable and permanent income. It enhances the professionalism of the association. There are memberships for individuals and organisations. Sponsorships are possible (e.g., becoming a founding partner, single donations).​

If you have any questions, please contact the IENE Executive Secretariat at or find more information on