Call for contributions: Frontiers – Ecology and Transportation

Published the 14/09/2016

Roads, railroads, waterways and other types of transportation infrastructure are significant drivers of the global loss of biodiversity.

To cope with the anticipated massive expansion of infrastructure and the consequently growing pressure on our global environment, we need a deeper understanding of the impacts, develop more effective mitigation approaches and provide better decision-support.

New publishing platform

To promote collaboration and communication, internationally and between research and practice, a joint international and cross-disciplinary platform for scientific publication on Ecology and Transportation has now been initiated by these four recurring international conferences:

This platform is hosted by the community-rooted open-access publisher Frontiers.

The first research topic is now launched (in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, in the section Urban Ecology). It will be the first in a series of topics, featuring the upcoming conferences and their specific themes.

Welcoming contributions – not only research papers

We now welcome the submission of manuscripts. Please note that contributions may include many different article types (Original Research, Methods, Hypothesis & Theory and Data reports). For more information, please see the Author Guidelines.

Deadline for submissions: December 31, 2016

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