[2022 IENE] In-person registration opens!

Published the 01/08/2022 #iene2022

Registration for the in-person participation at the IENE 2022 Conference between 19 – 23 September is now open:

* if you already registered for the IENE On-line Event, you may proceed with the second step and pay for the difference in fees, if you opt for participating in-person;

* if you didn’t register yet, you have the option to register for the in-person or on-line participation;

The deadline for standard fees has been extended until August 19th; IENE membership vouchers could be procured until August 19th and existing vouchers will be valid until August 19th as well.

Please note that the IENE Conference website has been updated with the IN-PERSON PARTICIPATION and FIELD TRIPS logistic details.

19-23 september 2022
Cluj Napoca, Romania