Webinar Series : Infrastructure and nature

The Infrastructure and Nature Pavilion will be convened at the 2021 IUCN World Conservation Congress by a coalition of more than 20 organizations, including IENE. Engaging the business, finance, and conservation communities, the Pavilion will showcase how we can deliver new and necessary infrastructure while restoring biodiversity, building resilience, and creating a just and carbon-neutral future. To set the stage for the Congress, the Infrastructure and Nature coalition invites you to join a series of discussions with leading private and public sector actors on the financing, planning, and development of sustainable infrastructure where we will explore solutions for reducing risks and generating incentives for building nature into future infrastructure business models.

October to December
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01 October 2020 Watch the video
Setting the Scene: Converging Crises and Sustainable Infrastructure in a COVID-19
World Private and public sector panelists set the stage for the webinar series, discussing barriers and opportunities for the private sector to catalyze sustainable investments that address the multiple crises we face today, from global biodiversity loss to climate change to the COVID-19 pandemic.
15 October 2020 Watch the video
Swimming Upstream? Enabling Sustainable Infrastructure
Are current planning approaches and policy incentives enough to meet multiple crises head on? This session highlights case studies where innovative tools and practices from the public and private sectors are helping governments create land use plans and infrastructure development portfolios that better balance trade-offs in climate risk management, biodiversity conservation, and equitable economic development.
29 October 2020 Watch the video
How to Deal with Biodiversity-Related Financial Risks in Infrastructure
Investments The lack of consideration of biodiversity risks within lending and investment decisions for infrastructure exposes financial institutions to material financial risks. This session will explore practical ways forward on how to identify, measure, and manage biodiversity-related financial risks in the infrastructure sector.
05 November 2020 Watch the video
Engineering with Nature
This session will advance the discussion on opportunities to apply nature-based solutions (NBS) as alternatives or additions to human-made infrastructure. Speakers will explore the business case through NBS experiences at all levels, from planning to implementation, highlighting the latest examples of how engineers are building with nature for increased benefits for people, resilience, and biodiversity.
19 November 2020 Watch the video
Balancing Ecological Connectivity and Linear Infrastructure
It is more important than ever to balance environmental conservation with the rapid development of linear infrastructure (roads, railways, power lines, canals, gas and oil pipelines, etc.). This session highlights best practices for sustainable linear infrastructure development that protect the ecological connectivity of our planet.
10 December 2020 – Register Watch the video
Ramifications for IUCN WCC and Beyond: What Have We Learned?
This session will test the solutions discussed throughout the webinar series with a convened panel of policy experts. Will these do enough to arrest declines in biodiversity, rapidly worsening climate extremes, and economic inequality in a pandemic? What essential actionable items should be discussed at the World Conservation Congress and incorporated into the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework and other policy platforms in 2021 and beyond?