About IENE declarations

Since 1996, IENE operates as an international and interdisciplinary arena to encourage and enable cross-boundary cooperation in research, mitigation and planning in the field of ecology and transportation infrastructures. The IENE international conferences provide interdisciplinary forums for these activities, aiming to present cutting-edge research, identifying urgent questions and problems, discussing effective solutions, and outlining the paths for upcoming activities in transport and infrastructure ecology.

Since 2012, a Declaration have been produced in each conference, focusing on a topic that requires particular attention from transport and nature stakeholders. The message is agreed among all participants and addressed to decision makers, planners, technicians and researchers as well as the general public, and claim for actions that contribute to find solutions to old or emerging conflicts, to gap lacks of knowledge and to reduce the pressures that transport infrastructure exerts on nature.

This page was last updated: March 5, 2018