What is IENE?

  • IENE is a network of experts
    A formalized network of experts active in the field of ecology and linear transportation infrastructure. Non-profit, non-governmental, non-political.
  • IENE is an arena for knowledge exchange
    Providing an independent, international and interdisciplinary arena for exchange and development of expert knowledge, experience and data.
  • IENE promotes a sustainable transport infrastructure
    The aim is to promote a safe and ecologically sustainable pan-European transport infrastructure.
  • IENE members are both individuals and organisations
    The network is open for individuals, governmental agencies, research institutes, consultancies, companies and NGOs.
  • IENE is organised according to statutes
    The statutes describes goals, activities and organisation of IENE and are adopted by an assembly and lead by an elected steering committee.
  • IENE is promoting communication and exchange of knowledge
    The core of IENE is the network of members, hence, one of the main activities within IENE is to promote communication and exchange of knowledge, ideas and news. IENE initiates collaboration projects and helps answering questions that require a joint international expertise.
  • IENE arranges conferences and meetings
    International conferences, workshops and meetings are arranged regularly within the network.

Photo: J-O Helldin

This page was last updated: September 20, 2013