Photo library

The secretariat is working on a photo library on this page, where it will be possible to look at and download photos of IENE-related topics, such as:

  • infrastructure and fragmentation, eg. aerial photos
  • animals (dead or alive) and roadside flora
  • ecoducts, amphibian tunnels, fences, road signs warning for animal crossing etc.
  • IENE meetings, conferences, field excursions
  • researchers or practitioners “in action”

At the moment, we are gathering good photos for this photo library and for the website of IENE. You are very welcome to send your pictures to us!

When you send us photos, you give us permission to use them on the site and in other IENE contexts. You therefore need to have taken the photographs yourself (or show that the copyright holder gives his/her permission to publish and use the images). We can’t promise to publish every photo, we have the right to choose among the received photos. The image need to have an acceptable resolution. If published, the photographer/copyright holder will of course be named.

Send your pictures to the adress of the secretariat and don’t forget to tell us:

1) who took the photo
2) where it was taken – country and maybe also a name of the location
3) name of the species – if the photo contains a specific animal or plant species
4) when it was taken – if this is relevant information

This page was last updated: September 11, 2013