Steering committee meeting – March 6, 2018

Meeting summary*: The SC discussed the finalisation of the Annual Report of IENE for 2017, updates on the IENE website and the budget for 2018. Progress updates were given for the planning of the IENE 2018 conference and the project with a website for the Wildlife and traffic handbook. The development of IENE and transfer […]

Movie of maps with IENE members

Movie of maps with IENE members

To visualize the global growth of the IENE network, the secretariat has made a movie with maps showing countries with IENE members.

IENE Awards 2018 – call for nominations

The IENE Steering Committee invites all members of IENE to send their nominations for the IENE Awards 2018. 

Invitation to IENE workshop in Hungary

The meeting will take place in Budapest, Hungary, on May 16-17, 2018. The title of the event is “Sustainable transportation in the Carpathian Convention frame”.

Steering committee meeting – February 6, 2018

Meeting summary*: Most part of the meeting was dedicated to the IENE 2018 conference plans and to the proposed development of the new organisation of IENE and how it can be financed. The meeting also included short updates and news from cooperation projects etc. The secretariat reported that IENE has got 1 new member since […]

Steering committee meeting – January 16, 2018

Meeting summary*: The meeting discussed the proposal of the possible development of IENE and the transfer of the secretariat and hosting organisation from Sweden to France in 2019. The newly started project with digitalisation of the COST 341 Handbook into a web format was also discussed, as well as the ongoing planning of the IENE […]

Steering committee meeting – December 5, 2017

Meeting summary*: The meeting focused on the development of strategies for the future IENE. There were also progress reports from the planning of the IENE 2018 conference, ongoing projects and events supported by IENE etc. The secretariat reported that IENE has got one new member since the last SC meeting, so the network now has […]

IENE 2018 – call for abstracts

IENE now invites professionals and students to submit abstracts for oral presentations, poster presentations and workshops to the IENE 2018 international conference, which will take place in the Netherlands in September. Join the event and share your experiences, best practices and research that reflect the need for crossing borders for greener transport infrastructure.

Abstract book from Italian road ecology conference

The proceedings from the Italian road ecology conference in June 2017 is now available on the IENE website. The event was supported by IENE.

Steering committee meeting – November 14, 2017

Meeting summary*: The meeting focused on the planning of the IENE 2018 conference, with discussions about proposed topics and subtopics, field trips, the abstract process and other preparation actions for the conference. The SC also discussed strategies for the future of IENE. The secretariat reported that IENE has got five new members since the last […]