2018: Connecting Europe, connecting Nature

Building bridges and crossing borders for the defragmentation of Europe The following declaration has been improved and approved by the participants of the IENE 2018 international conference. Download IENE Final Declaration 2018 (pdf)

November 26-28, 2018:

Human-nature interactions workshop Bolzano/Bozen, Italy

Award winners 2018

The winner of IENE awards of 2018 is Marleen Moelants (personal award) and the Brazilian project Anteaters and Highways (project award).

2018 Defragmentation Europe

Draft text of the the participants common statement of IENE  is now available as a final declaration.

IENE History book

IENE is glad to present our new book of 20 years of IENE history, now available here.

African Conference for Linear Infrastructure & Ecology

The website for the ACLIE is officially open for registrations.  Please visit the website to register for the conference or to submit an abstract on the abstracts portal. Please follow the link to go directly to the website: https://www.eiseverywhere.com/ehome/321729?&t=9e5ab1b1d1e468e9ddf16c6b5e23a8f0 The inaugural African Conference for Linear Infrastructure and Ecology (ACLIE) will be held in 2019 in […]

Steering committee meeting June 5 2018

Meeting summary*: Update from the meeting in France and the webinar about the development of IENE was given by Yannick and Agnés. Discussions about the program of the General Agenda was held. Election of winner of personal award was made.   *In order to make the work of the Steering committee (SC) more transparent to […]

Conference of TransGreen project on 5-6 September

Latest developments and steps forward. Invitation, agenda and logistics.

African Conference for Linear Infrastructure and Ecology (ACLIE)

African Conference in Kruger National Park, South Africa, in March 2019

Poland to build one of world’s longest fences to keep out marauding boars

The Polish government will build one of the world’s longest fences along almost the entire length of Poland’s eastern border to protect the country from disease-carrying wild boar. Find more at https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/03/14/poland-build-one-worlds-longest-fences-keep-marauding-boars/