Goals of IENE

Safe and sustainable infrastructure

The general objectives of IENE is to provide an independent, international and interdisciplinary arena for exchange and development of expert knowledge. By this, we seek to promote a safe and ecologically sustainable pan-European transport infrastructure through recommending measures and planning procedures to conserve biodiversity, counteract landscape fragmentation, and reduce vehicular accidents and wildlife casualties.

Specific objectives

More specific objectives of the IENE network are:

  • developing methods to prioritize where and when mitigation measures are needed
  • harmonising mitigating and compensation measures at European level
  • supporting national initiatives concerning environment & transport
  • promoting international and multidisciplinary cooperation in research and monitoring activities
  • highlighting gaps in knowledge and providing input to upcoming national and international research frameworks
  • sensitizing a broader audience, support education around the problem of habitat fragmentation due to transport infrastructure.

Photo: Anna Maria Wremp, J-O Helldin and J-O Helldin


This page was last updated: September 20, 2013