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General information

The IENE membership is entirely free of charge and the number of members is unlimited. You can register as a new member below, but first please take some minutes to learn more about IENE and what the membership means:

Rights and obligations

  • An IENE membership implies that you take part in the network with your professional knowledge and experience.
  • As an IENE member, you have read and accepted the statutes (called Memorandum of Understanding) which describes the internal structure, tasks and goals of this formalized network.
  • All IENE members will be invited to attend the IENE General Assemblies, join IENE conferencesworkshops and other meetings.
  • IENE members have voting rights on all matters concerning IENE activities, its organisation and finances, such as election of the SC and approving changes in the statutes.
  • As an IENE member you will receive IENE information through email and on the IENE website, and you are entitled to use the email discussion list and access other web-based tools of IENE.
  • IENE members agree to contribute with founded and accurate information and assist in disseminating IENE products within their sphere of influence.
  • The IENE membership is for individuals (natural persons).

Become a member

To become a member of IENE you need to fill out the membership form below. Visit the page Change membership information if you are already a member and want to change your membership information.

Membership form


  • Personal information

  • Professional information

  • Additional information

  • Below you have the possibility to give IENE permission to publish the logotype of your organisation at the IENE website (in the context: members and organisations within the network).


This page was last updated: June 30, 2021