The IGELI project

International Guidelines for Ecologically-adapted Linear Infrastructure (IGELI)

Final report:

Download the final report one the IGELI project here.


Within the framework of the development of international cooperation of IENE, a global approach to environmentally friendly linear infrastructure started during the IENE 2014 International Conference in Malmö, Sweden.

With the cooperation with WWF and the support of Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology of Austria and the Swedish Transport Administration, a special project was implemented in 2015 for the development of a trans-border transportation project in Myanmar and Thailand. The presentation of the project at the ICOET 2015 Conference in Raleigh, USA gave the starting point for the idea to develop international guidelines and best practices for environmentally friendly linear infrastructures. The basic partner’s team also included ANET (the Australasian Network for Ecology and Transportation).

The road ahead:

For the implementation of the proposed project IGELI, in a first phase, an international dialogue will be completed in several meetings in a global level.

In 2016, additional workshops and presentations was held to further refine and develop the ideas and attract new participants and supporters, including:

Additionally, two international events is planned for 2017:

  • A special session in the ICOET 2017 Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA (May 14-18, 2017).
  • An International Forum on Sustainable Infrastructure in Hanoi, Vietnam (May 17-18, 2017).

At a second, future phase of the project, a more concrete framework of the needs will be shaped for the development of the guidelines project.

The IGELI project:

  • Is relevant to anyone involved in planning, designing, constructing, funding, approving, and managing linear infrastructure from government, private industry, international development banks and other investors, conservation groups, and research institutions.
  • Seeks international feedback on what would make the guidelines realistic and practical in a local context, thereby ensuring that the guidelines will ultimately meet their needs.
  • Seeks opportunities for collaborations from partner organisations and sponsors.

More information:

For any further information please contact the project leader Lazaros Georgiadis, or the IENE Secretariat.

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